Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bail Bonds Santa Rita Jail

Bail Bonds Santa Rita Jail

Did you know you could be arrested for resisting arrest and not be charged for anything else? Your only charge could be resisting arrest. Why do we put up with this? Abusing power, taking advantage or just out right breaking the law - today's topic - abusing power.

Back in the day -  jails would allow bail agents to visit inmates to ascertain if they were a good bail risk. The process was to work as follows:

  1.  Bail Agent receives call from inmate or family member / agent takes down info to decide if inmate is a good bail risk. 
  2. On high risk bonds or high bail amounts it would not be unusual or unseasonable to interview the inmate as well to further asses the bond risk.  
  3. Bail Agent decides to write or not to write the bond. 
All was good for the bail industry and for the client. 

Fast forward to present time. Some jails will not allow bail agents to interview inmates because some bail companies were abusing their power and "breaking the law" by soliciting inmates for bail. Instead of the jails punishing the offending bail companies they decide to punish every bail company by not allowing any inmate interviews. This makes it harder for some inmates to obtain bail and ironically causing inmates more time in jail. 

Think twice about who you hire for bail. When someone tells you bigger is better, it may not be so. Call 510 Bail Bond for personal service for all your bail needs.

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Next time I'll talk about "cheap bail."