Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Computers vrs. Man as it relates to Bail.

Sitting at my desk in our Fremont office I came across an article relating to bail man vrs. computer as to what does a better job regarding bail. Here is an excerpt...

               "As technology has advanced over the years, many debates and questions have been asked around the topic of machine versus man.  These questions include things like can computers do a task better than a man? Can computers make thoughtful decisions that involve experience and emotion?  Can man be as effective and as accurate as a computer without the ability to process and analyze millions of data points?  While no one has been able to completely answer these questions, and trust me when I say that I do not plan on answering them in this blog post, I will, however, give my thoughts on the current man vs. machine debate that is happening in the criminal justice system." Brian Nairin

When working with a 510 Bail Bond Agent  you can expect someone who is an expert in bail. A 510 Bail Bond agent will be able to answer any of your questions that may come up where as a computer program will only be able to work as programmed. What if someone enters information that is incorrect - the defendant is lying, most bail agents are able to ascertain that where as a computer can not. 

Commercial bail is working and is serving the people equally in an unbiased way. The bail agent's best interest is to have the inmate released on bail. Our clients want to be released, we are motivated to see that happen. If the government were to take over bail I see a big conflict of interest. They arrest, they pick who gets released. Not good for the people in my opinion.   

"The concept of pretrial release is not something that can be distilled down to common statistics across a broad range of different environments.  Every defendant is different; every state is different; every county is different; every criminal act is different; and every reason a person commits a crime in the first place is different.  Criminal Justice is not that simple.  Additionally, the people who make the ultimate decisions in the criminal justice system are judges.  And judges don’t just become judges; they earn a judgeship through experience and practice.  Sitting in front of thousands of unique defendants is more valuable to understanding how criminals think and act than just looking at questionnaires and statistics.

The same goes for the bail bond industry.  Bail bond agents deal with thousands upon thousands of defendants.   These are defendants that they understand and are familiar with.  Why?  Because they have grown up and live in the communities that they serve.  They know the people; they know the families; they know the employers and the businesses.  They have a world of local knowledge and insight that no computer program or public sector pretrial risk assessment can quantify and make sense of.  Call it gut or call it experience, but the bail bond industry brings an intangible component to their own decision making process that is not merely about risk assessment but rather about something more important “risk management.”  Ultimately when a bail agent decides to financially secure a defendant’s release, they are focused on managing the risk of the defendant and ensuring they show up for court as opposed to just assessing the risk and trying to play a guessing game of whether that person will show up or commit another crime." from Brian Nairin
And as licensed bail agents at 510 Bail Bond we make the whole process human friendly. People like to deal with people. When it comes to bail - People like doing business with 510 Bail Bond.

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