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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Bail Will Be Needed - Wake up America!

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Were do I start? Your tax dollars are going to waste, but you already know that. People it's getting worse. Now your tax dollars are being used to put you and fire fighters in jail because you have given law enforcement the power to do so. How could a CHP officer arrest* a fire fighter on scene of a crash?

Because the CHP officer has a "chip" on his shoulder? He was mad at the Fire Fighter because he would not move his truck? "I'm the law," do as I say or else! I'll show you! What ever happen to protect and serve? What about the crash victim needing help from the Fire Fighter? Mind you, the person paying the taxes, the reason the fire fighter and the CHP officer are at the scene - to protect and serve - lays waiting for help. Meanwhile the CHP officer shows everyone who's in charge,  puts the fire fighter in cuffs. I ask, as a concern tax payer, "What is going on here?" CHP your answer please? Fellow tax payers are you OK with this? In the mean time - Fire Fighters www.510BailBond.com is here for you.

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Another law that I am seeing abused by law enforcement is "resisting arrest." (PC148) Yes you can be arrested for resisting arrest. It plays out as follows, YOU- "What am I being arrested for?" Cop- "Resisting arrest." Now PC148 covers many other points but the main point one would assume is that you are being arrested for something else and now you are resisting that arrest. However, in practice law enforcement is using PC148 to arrest people on scene when they can't figure out who's at fault. They figure, arrest everyone and let the court sort it out. A main reason our jails are over crowed. How many bondsmen out there have ever seen this charge pursued by the DA as a stand alone charge? My answer - all of my clients that were charged with resisting arrest, the charges were dropped. People www.510bailbond.com is your last defense.

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You just can't make this stuff up. Officer accused of assaulting teen referee. A police officer pleaded not guilty in November 2013 to harassing a 13-year-old soccer referee. Officer Keith Spears was accused of verbally confronting, shoving and grabbing the arm of the young official after an Oct. 16, 2013, youth soccer game. Would you want to be arrest by this Officer? Keep www.510bailbond.com on speed dial just in case.

You just can't make this stuff up part 2. Football officials arrested during game, charges later dropped. Referee Jim Radcliffe and head linesman Chris Gambino were arrested Oct. 11, 2013, after an incident in the third quarter of a game between St. Paul's and Mandeville high schools in Covington, La. The pair were arrested following a confrontation with an off duty police officer working game security. Charges were later dropped and the Covington Mayor Mike Cooper held a news conference in which he apologized to the officials.

The incident started in the third quarter when, at the request of his chain crew, Gambino asked off duty officer Stephen Short, working as part of game security, to assist in getting fans away from the sideline. Short told the referee, "I'll take care of what's going on back here, and you turn around and take care of what's on the field." Short did not move the fans back and was asked again to help. Short responded, "watch the f---ng game." And one more word out of you and I'll put you under arrest. Short was then asked by the head referee to move the fans back, at that time Short arrested both officials.

Now as hard as that is to believe, other police officers arrived (four in total) and assisted in the arrest. Not one other officer saw this as absurd. You just never know when you will need the help of 510 Bail Bond. Until things change keep us on speed dial.

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*Not clear if the Fire Fighter was arrested or just detained. Some report that the Fire Fighter was detained for 30 minutes then released.