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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Advertise Like a Weed

The Weed

Circa 2010 I was in a training class when the instructor asked, "What does a farmer get when he plants his crops?" After some discussion about the Farmer having to water and fertilise the answer was, "his crops and weeds." Now the instructor made a big point about how the farmer had to take care of his crops and if the farmer did nothing, all he would get is weeds. It was right at this point that I zoned out and wanted to make my business like a weed. I think I was so zoned out I even said it out loud without even knowing it. I want to be like the weed! When I came to I could hear the instructor laughing and saying no one wants weeds and you can't eat weeds. I think if I recall correctly he was even shaking his head at me as if I was just not getting it. Some of the other students were even joining in with the laughter. I on the other hand was thinking of things that the rest of the class had no idea about. Columbus was laughed at too. It didn't phase me, Hell, I think it even motivated me, I was going to take my business to the next level. 

I am going to become the Weed! 

 Think about this for a moment, if you do nothing, it will still grow and thrive. You could have a beautiful garden but someone else looking at it will tell you, "You missed that weed right there!" The garden is beautiful but everyone noticed the weed. 

Lesson #1 - My advertising is weed like. Everyone sees it, be like a weed when it comes to advertising.

Bail - It's what we do.   

Set up your business advertising on the web and just let it run or in my case, grow wild like a weed. No one notices the beautiful rose next to the other beautiful rose but everyone will notice the weeds. If I were to be a superhero, wait scratch that, I am a superhero, I am the weed! 

I'm sure that the motivation from that class has worn off all the students by now, me on the other hand, my business still grows from the power of the weed.

Be like the weed.

Bail - It's what we do. 
Any Jail Any Bail 

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Five Steps that Control our Success or Failure

The Five Steps That Control Our Success or Failure

  1. Behavior: This most directly controls our success or failure.
  2. Feelings: If you feel good or positive about something, you will behave more positively about it. Your feelings will directly influence your actions.
  3. Attitudes: Your attitudes are the perspectives from which you view life. 
  4. Beliefs: Your attitudes are controlled by your beliefs. Belief does not require that something be the way we see it to be. It only requires us to believe that it is. What reality is, to each of us, is based on what we have come to believe, whether it's true or not. 
  5. Programming: We believe what we are programmed to believe. 
Put to you another way would be as follows:
  1. Programming creates beliefs
  2. Beliefs create attitudes
  3. Attitudes create feelings
  4. Feelings determine actions
  5. Actions create results
Do you want to be more successful? You will need to change your programming. Open your mind to other beliefs or ideas.

Bail - It's what we do. Any Jail Any Bail www.510Bailbond.com

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The bail bond process.

Q: Who can bail my loved one out of jail?
            A: The bail bond process is regulated by the State of California through the Department of Insurance. All persons negotiating bail must be licensed by the California Department of Insurance. You need to talk with a 510 Bail Bond licensed bail agent. All of our agents are licensed to conduct bail at all California jails.
Q: How is the bail amount set?
            A: The Judge within the county of arrest sets the bail amount.
Q: How can we pay the bail amount?
            A: All 510 Bail Bond agents are able to accept payment by cash or credit card for your convenience. Ten percent of the bail bond amount is the fee 510 Bail Bond charges. This fee is regulated by the California Department of Insurance.
Q: How long does the paper work take?
            A: The Bail bond paper work will take less than 20 minutes on average.
Q: How long does it take for a person to get out of jail?
            A: This depends on the jail. 510 Bail Bond doesn’t control this. Once we post the bond at the jail that will start the release process. Each jail is different, most local jails release within 30 minutes of us posting the bond. The County jails release times are 2-4 hours typically but have taken up to 10 hours on some occasions.
Q: Once released what are the responsibilities of the defendant?  
            A: The defendant must meet with a 510 Bail Bond agent within 24 hours to fill out all paperwork.
Q: Do I get the bail bond money back?
            A: No the bail bond money paid to 510 Bail Bond is our fee and is considered earned the moment the defendant steps out of jail. It is not refundable.
Q: If I have other questions who should I ask?
            A: You can have all your questions answered by your 510 Bail Bond agent. We understand that you are our clients and we will do everything humanly possible to make sure you fully understand the process and that all your questions are answered.
Q: Why can’t you recommend an attorney?
            A: We are not permitted to recommend attorneys by law. 

Do you have a question that you would liked answered here? Send us an e-mail and we will answer all your related questions here.

Bail - It's what we do. Any Jail Any Bail www.510Bailbond.com