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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Five Steps that Control our Success or Failure

The Five Steps That Control Our Success or Failure

  1. Behavior: This most directly controls our success or failure.
  2. Feelings: If you feel good or positive about something, you will behave more positively about it. Your feelings will directly influence your actions.
  3. Attitudes: Your attitudes are the perspectives from which you view life. 
  4. Beliefs: Your attitudes are controlled by your beliefs. Belief does not require that something be the way we see it to be. It only requires us to believe that it is. What reality is, to each of us, is based on what we have come to believe, whether it's true or not. 
  5. Programming: We believe what we are programmed to believe. 
Put to you another way would be as follows:
  1. Programming creates beliefs
  2. Beliefs create attitudes
  3. Attitudes create feelings
  4. Feelings determine actions
  5. Actions create results
Do you want to be more successful? You will need to change your programming. Open your mind to other beliefs or ideas.

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