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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oppose SB-210 from www.510bailbond.com

Better Bail then Jail.
I'll make it real easy. Here it is broken down....

Do you want those arrested, released with out any financial responsibly to show up to court in your city? Your tax dollars will fund the release program and your tax dollars will pay to recover them if they don't show up in court.

Oppose SB-210 and the above will not happen.

What to do:

Copy and past this letter to your Assembly member. Find your Assembly member here: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

Take a stand - As we have at www.510bailbond.com
Bail - It's what we do.

Sample letter to send to Assembly member:

OPPOSE SB-210 –Despite its revisions, this bill call will for the release of additional offenders. Doing this would only exacerbate the flawed policy scheme of AB-109. SB-210 is disguised as a bill which would give local governments and municipalities additional monies to determine pretrial release, but in reality, the bill will do nothing more than release additional prisoners at the expense of California’s public safety and tax dollars. SB210 will only add to the existing problems caused by AB109.

AB-109 and SB-210 allow those arrested to receive “pre-trial” release without a bail bond. It promotes the use of a tool to assure that those arrested for crimes must attend their arraignment. This pretrial tool has proven to be a failure. In a “May 2014 Summary of Warrant and Bail Bond Report” complied using data from the Sacramento County Sherrif’s Department and Sacramento Superior Court shows that, “that 99% of the warrants in the system result from “unsecured releases”, via an “Own Recognizance” / “Promise to Appear” release. This compared to the less than 1% that is secured with a bail bond and a bail agent that financially guarantees the appearance of the defendant.” According to data received from the Sacramento County Court, SB210 will guarantee that many arrested for crimes will never show up in court.

Bail - It's what we do.
Any Jail Any Bail