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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Watch Dog Buddy

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Ofc. Hadden makes a car stop at Farina/Curtis and arrests a female for 11377 H & S (drug possession).

What was initially reported as an indecent exposure case on Central Ave. ends up with a Psychiatric Detention of an 18 yr old male. He has significant mental issues and is sent to the hospital. He did have a 10K warrant for DUI (driving under the influence), so upon his release from the hospital, he will be picked up for the warrant. Investigated by Ofc. S. Hunt.

A male victim caught a fish at Lake Elizabeth. As he was handling the fish, a Middle-Eastern male suspect shoved the fisherman, grabbed the fish, and threw it back into the water. Battery case documented by Ofc. Manrique.

Nordstrom Rack Security concluded a two month long embezzlement case tonight after watching a maint. employee select, conceal, and transport $2000 worth of merchandise to his car tonight. Suspect was using his cell phone to advertise available items to "customers". He would then negotiate prices and sizes via text and deliver the goods at no extra charge. Case investigated by Ofc. Settle.