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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fremont Bail Bond ad

510 Bail Bond has been inundated with requests and information regarding acting jobs for our next commercial ad. We also have had inquiries regarding actors that played roles in our last ad. 

I am amazed that after the fact we have received more applications than we did when actively looking to hire actors. The person that acts is in a far better position than the person who reacts or, in this case fails to act on time.

510 Bail Bond has more opportunities for actors, Bail Agents, and possibility Bounty Hunters coming up this summer. Check www.510Bailbond.com in the coming months for more information. By the way, Bounty Hunters need to be certified and the ones who have taken our Bounty Hunting class will have the inside track.
There is time now to enroll in a class to become compliant with the current bounty hunting laws. As stated above, it’s better to act now than reacting later.    

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