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Friday, November 10, 2017

The Process is the Punishment

The Process is the Punishment

The system is not perfect but it’s cheaper, safer and guarantees our freedom better than what is being proposed as “bail reform”.

Some background information
  1.   Most people accused and then arrest for a crime are not convicted for it.
  2.       A very high percentage of people that are arrested did the crime that they were arrested for but are not charged for it, due to lack of evidence. Or because no one wants to testify against them. Simply stated, the government could not build a strong enough case against them for a conviction.  
  3.       Most people arrested for domestic violence are never convicted for it.
  4.       You may be arrested for “resisting arrest” and not have done anything in the first place to be arrested for. Read that again and let that sink in. (See more on this)
  5.       The amount of people that are totally innocent that have been arrested and convicted is VERY small. We are talking less than 1% of 1%.   

In most cases, the only punishment for the accused crime is the process that one has to go through.
  1.   Arrest
  2.     Jail
  3.      Bail
  4.     Your time dealing with you case
  5.     Court dates
  6.     Pay an attorney
  7.     Your charges are dropped due to lack of enough evidence or the good work of your attorney.

With “bail reform” after an arrest your information is taken at the jail and you are released back into society within hours. Doesn’t matter what the nature of your crime was. Violent or non-violent crime, bail reform is based on everyone being able to go free before trial that could not afford bail. Oh wait; the government can pick and choose who can go free under the new bail reform system. They somehow fail to point that out to us. Everyone will not go free. The government will decide and under what circumstances your freedom will be granted. Unlike the bail system that we work under now (a constitutional right by the way) the government will now be able to determine who will be set free and who stays in jail. The current system allows bail for all who are eligible and is guaranteed by our constitution. With the proposed bail reform, your freedom will now be in the hands of the government to decide.     

The cost of “bail reform” is very expensive. Open your wallet because you, the tax payer will be paying for it. More taxes, more government will be needed to replace a system that cost the tax payers NOTHING now. All who are released without bail and do not attend their court date will have to be searched for and arrested by the local police. Local cities will have to hire more officers being paid for by the taxpayer. Etc.

I could go on but I think at some point you have to decide how do you want your freedom safe guarded?

  1. By the people through a constitutional right that is already in place.
  2. Or by a local government agency that will cost us much more in taxes.

The choice is yours.

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