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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Honk your horn - end up in a fight- needs Bail

Assault with a Deadly Weapon PC 245: Stevenson / Fremont Report #020: Officers Dispatched to a report of a fight at Stevenson and Fremont Blvds. Two 20 something year old males decided to get into it. The victim honked at the suspect as they exited 880 at Stevenson. The suspect took offense to this and followed the victim. They confronted each other and the suspect began to beat the victim. The victim’s elderly mother tried to come to her son’s aid but the suspect took the mother’s walking cane and beat the victim some more. Victim sustained minor injuries. The suspect went to jail for PC 245 (assault with a deadly weapon). Case investigated by Officer Perry. Booked into the Fremont Jail.
#028 - While patrolling the Mission Valley Shopping Center, Sgt. Fowlie was flagged down regarding a male subject walking down Mission Blvd intoxicated. The susbject was stopped and ultimately arrested for public intoxication and giving a false name. Booked into the Santa Rita Jail.
#007 11-79/23152a Fremont/Margery by Layfield - solo vehicle collision into a tree

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