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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fremont bail bonds Jail over crowding

Fremont Bail Bonds 510 Bail Bonds on Jail Overcrowding.

I received a bail call from a client wanting to know how much it would be to bond his son out of jail. I went through all the usual questions and found out that there was a warrant for his sons arrest regarding a missed court case for a traffic violation. My assessment was this would be a very low risk bond and I would jump at the chance to write it. No other run in with the law, young man, college grad with a good paying job that forgot to take care of a ticket. Let me call the jail and confirm the bond amount and I'll call you right back is what I told the father. 

After talking with the jail I find out that there is a no bail, no cite hold on the inmate.  You have to be kidding, the warrant is for a minor traffic violation. "Ya, your right, he must of pissed someone off at the court" was the officer's response. 

With the over crowding of the jails as they are, why are we jailing people for minor traffic violations and holding them without bail? What is wrong with our criminal justest system? Why do they think this is necessary? Why do we put up with this? More work / job security for our government workers (PD, Courts, Jails) at the expense of your freedom.  People you may want to start working on these questions with your local politicians before you find yourself locked up for a minor traffic violation. .  Until then, there is always www.510bailbond.com to bail you out.

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