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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just Graduated, need a job? Consider Bail Bonds

You have just graduated with your degree in ____ you can fill in the blank. What are you going to do? Where will you work, live or play for eight hours per day for forty hours per-week? Most of you have been told that you will save the planet, save the world or just make the world a better place to live. You heard it from your teachers, all those graduation speeches confirmed it for you. You have your whole life ahead of you, your future is bright.  

About three week later when you still have not found a job and the world  is still spinning without you working, you may want to give a career as a bail bondsman a consideration. But before you say, "Ya right," consider this, your not qualified  for the job. You will have to take another class, complete twenty hours of training and get this - pass a state test before I can even consider hiring you as a bail bondsmen. That's right, another test must be passed before I can even consider hiring you.

You maybe thinking what does a degree in commutations have to do with bail? Today's bail agents have to be able to "Speak the Language of Bail" be able to communicate with the well educated and  to understand street slang. Today's bail agent will find themselves in front of a Judge arguing a bail motion or recording a deed at the county recorders office. The modern bail agent may negotiate a $153,000.00 or more bail bond at an attorney's office or in the home of the indemnitor and have to explain the process intelligently, in terms that their clients would understand.

Today's marketing for bail is very complex, internet marketing and S.E.O. intensive. Your degree in commutations is a start but you have so much more to learn. Fall off the first page of a search engine and your out of business for awhile. There is not time in bail for you to take time off and find yourself, there is always someone coming up that is more hungry and more determined.

The bail bond business is a high risk, high reward job for those that know how to "speak bail." Don't know what to do, not making the money you though you would? Fill out our on line job application and we can direct you to the classes and training needed to begin a career in Bail.  

Bail - It's what we do. 
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