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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Santa Rita Jail Bail Bonds

Santa Rita Jail Bail Bond Information

Bail Bonds at the Santa Rita Jail
Top ten to do list:
1)      Know the defendant’s full name
2)      Have the defendant’s date of birth
3)      Know the date of the arrest
4)      Know what the defendant is being charged with
5)      Bail Amount / how will you be paying for bail
6)      Where is the defendant being held
7)      Down load a bail application from http://www.510bailbond.com/pages/bail-bonds-application to get the Bail process started
8)      Call a local Bail Agent – 510 Bail Bond at 510-760-9409
9)      Have someone who knows the defendant well, give the bail Agent the background information
10)   Get all your questions answered

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