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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What would you do. Bail now or take your attorney's advice?

What would you do?
Recently I had a Bail Bond case that involved an attorney.  The defendant’s girlfriend contacted me to arranged bail for her boyfriend. Everything looked good but since the bond was rather large I didn’t want to write the bond without collateral. Since the girlfriend or the defendant did not have anything close to the Bond’s value to put up, we looked to the defendant’s parents for help. The parents were willing to use their home as collateral for the bond.  However, the father wanted to talk to the attorney before moving forward. I explained the bail process to the parents and informed them that once I received the paperwork I would be able to Bond their son out of jail that night. “Give me a call when you are ready to move forward.” I said to the parents.
About an hour later I received an unexpected courtesy call that their attorney told them that there was a bond hold (not true) and they would not be able to bond their son out until Monday after he appears in court and of course the attorney has a bond agent that he uses that is charging less. They seemed like nice people so I informed them once again that I believed that their attorney is mistaken and my offer to bond their son out tonight still stands. Oh by the way our fees are set by the department of insurance you can verify that by going to their web site etc, I gave them the web site and wished them good luck.
I thought that was the end of it until I received a phone call on Tuesday. The defendant was beaten over the weekend by other inmates. Bail was increased on Monday and since the case was drug related a proof of funds was placed on the bail money by the Judge. (Was not there on Friday) The defendant was bailed out later in the day on Monday but was picked up Tuesday by the Bail Company by mistake and put back in jail. I told the father what he needed to do and how I could help but the response was, “Let me check with the attorney and I will get back to you.”
Some people I just can’t help, for all others who need bail – give me a call. You can find my contact information at www.510bailbond.com
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